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Do You Prefer On-Leash Or Off-Leash Walks With Your Dog?

If you are a dog owner, then you already know the importance of ensuring that your dog gets plenty of exercise. One of the best ways to go about doing this is to take your dog on regular walks. Not only does this keep your dog from getting bored and get him or her the exercise that is needed for a healthy lifestyle, but it helps get you out of the house and moving as well. One of the biggest controversies in the dog-walking community, however, is whether dogs should be walked on a leash or without one.

There are many sides to this argument. Those who prefer leashed walks make the valid argument that keeping a dog on a leash is a great way to ensure that he or she does not get away. After all, dogs are known for being rather curious and spontaneous animals, and all it takes is for an unleashed dog to spot a squirrel or some other temptation to run away. Furthermore, many neighborhoods and cities require owners to keep dogs on leashes for liability and safety reasons when they are outside of their own backyards.

On the other hand, many also believe that dogs should be allowed to roam free of a leash. This is especially true in no-leash areas. While dogs are pets, they are also animals that deserve a certain degree or freedom and independence. Not to mention, many dog owners believe that going on leash-free walks helps them to learn obedience and self-control.

Regardless of your beliefs when it comes to dog walking, the fact remains that you can hire dog walkers in Oakland to ensure that your dog gets the exercise he or she needs every day for a healthy lifestyle. If you are too busy to take your dog for a walk every day of the week, be sure that your pooch still gets the exercise he or she needs by hiring dog walkers in Oakland from