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Do Your Dog And Cat Fight? Keep The Peace With These Simple Tips

Animal lovers everywhere understand that a home full of pets of all kinds can be one of the greatest joys in life. However, it can also present instances that are chaotic if the animals do not have the right training or fail to undergo the proper introductions that allow them to all function in a peaceful way under a single roof. In situations where cats and dogs live together, the dog can often be the culprit for causing the conflict to begin. Any dog can be trained to get along well with others. It is not purely in their nature to be mean and threatening to all other animals around them, even if that animal does happen to be a cat. Dogs who do not have the proper training and discipline can also present problems when they venture out into public. Dog walkers in San Francisco often encounter problems when animals meet on the street or get into each other’s space at the park. There are solutions, however, and it is never too late.

It is important to keep animals separated from one another upon first putting them together, allowing them to slowly warm up to each other. A good way to allow dogs and cats to slowly get used to each other is to place a gate between rooms where they are isolated in order to allow them to sniff and investigate without any major conflict arising or risk of injury. If you are dealing with a new or young animal, then slowly begin to socialize them, exposing to new people gently as they mature as well. This technique will allow you to take them outside without presenting a threat to other dog walkers in San Francisco. It is also important to ensure that every animal in the home has personal space to which they can retreat. For instance, a doggie bed, or a designated spot for the cat will always make them feel that they are safe.

Discipline and attention are also key. You must give each pet their fair share of love to avoid issues with jealousy. Additionally, you must also be able to impose boundaries, authority, and consequences when the inevitable conflict does arise. These strategies will allow you to keep the peace in the household and take your pets into public confidently in the presences of all dog walkers in San Francisco. is a great place to start getting dogs the training they need to socialize and understand boundaries. In addition to training, this San Francisco location offers boarding, doggie hikes, and day care services.