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Does Your Dog Get Into The Trash? How To Deal With It

Dogs are natural scavengers and love to eat pretty much anything. It’s not surprising at all that so many of them eagerly visit the buffet their owners leave out for them. Coming home to a room strewn with coffee grounds and shredded paper isn’t fun. Even less fun is taking the dog to the vet for emergency surgery after he eats the contents of the trash. Stopping your dog from raiding the trash is beneficial for both of you even if your dog doesn’t believe it.

Whatever else you decide to do, make an effort to put the trash somewhere the dog can’t easily get to. Get a can the dog can’t easily open and put it behind a door the dog can’t easily open. These simple measures may stop some dogs, but other dogs have a truly amazing ability to get into the “dog proofed” trash.

Many dogs enjoy the challenge of trying to raid the trash even more than the fun of eating the trash. The best way to stop these dogs is to give them something else to do, such as take them to dog daycare in Oakland. At daycare, they can go on an adventure hike or spend the day playing instead of being bored at home. After spending the day in dog daycare in Oakland most dogs are content to relax with you all evening.

The worst thing to do with trash-raiding dogs is to get mad at them after the fact. If the dog raided the trash while you were gone and you yell at the dog when you get home, the dog has no idea why you are mad. Booby-trapping the trash sometimes works. The most effective strategy to cure trash-raiding is to realize that a tired dog is a good dog. If you work full-time the easiest way to get a tired dog is to utilize dog daycare in Oakland.