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Does Your Dog Have Allergies? Try Getting Them Tested

Dog walkers in San Francisco pay close attention to their canine charges, and one thing that seems to keep coming up over and over again is that doggy allergies are becoming a big deal! The truth of the matter is that dog allergies have always been an issue; veterinarians and scientists just never knew about it before!

Dogs can be allergic to things just as humans can be, and if the dog walkers in San Francisco are noting that their favorite pooches are looking a little run down, it is time to pay attention. Sometimes a dog is allergic to something in the air, and sometimes, they are allergic to something in their food.

What are some of the ways to tell that your dog might be having some issues? For example, a dog with allergies might have issues breathing, or they may have a bit of a rumble in their chest when they try to do so. They might also show some hair loss without any other cause, and they might have serious digestive issues when they try to eat. Dogs with allergies might seem rather lethargic from time to time, and they may seem fatigued even when they have not been exercising as hard as they would prefer to do.

When you suspect that your beloved canine pal has allergies, it is a good time to take it to the veterinarian. A veterinarian can have your friend tested, and he or she will be able to tell you what kind of allergies might be in play. Many owners are shocked to find that their dog has more than one! Remember that sometimes, fixing an allergy is as easy as switching your dog’s food.

When you are worried about your dog and if it is having breathing or digestive issues, consider what dog walkers in San Francisco have known for a long time. Dogs can get allergies, so as their owners, investigate this possibility and take action if necessary!