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Does Your Dog Like To Go On Long Walks, But You Just Don’t Have The Time – Try Adventure Hikes With Citizen Canine!

Dogs are born to walk, roam and explore. When dogs are given enough exercise and mental stimulation, many dog behavior issues can be reduced or even eliminated. In addition to exercise, a dog also needs consistent socialization to keep its doggy social skills fresh. However, many of us are busy with work, kids and life, and sometimes our dogs do not get the exciting and varied exercise they crave. Although most dog walkers in Oakland offer basic dog walking services, your dog may still have extra energy.

Dog Adventure Hikes are a doggy dream. Your dog gets the chance to explore areas of the East Bay Regional parks system as well as socialize in a pack. Our CPR-certified Hike Leaders are highly trained in pack leadership and positive reinforcement. Before joining our off-leash Dog Adventure Hikes, your dog must be friendly, come when called and otherwise have good manners. Since our hikers safety is paramount, groups are limited to six dogs.

Your dogs day begins after you drop him off at Citizen Canine. He will travel in style and safety in our custom Adventure Waggin. Our specialized doggy van is equipped with crates and soft pads to keep your dog comfortable while being transported to and from the hike. All surfaces in the van are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each hike.

Once the Adventure Waggin has arrived at the park, your dog is free to roam and explore trees, hills and otherwise follow his senses for the duration of the 90-minute hike. Unlike other dog walkers in Oakland, with Citizen Canine Dog Adventure Hikes, you can be sure your dog has variety of terrains and experiences with every hike. While neighborhood walks, dog parks and beach strolls are nice, nothing can compare to the chance to run and play in a free environment.