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Does Your Dog Remind You Of A Toddler?

If your fur baby reminds you of a small child, there’s a good reason for that. Dogs are descended from highly social wolves. Not only do they learn like human toddlers, by watching and playing, they need to be engaged, stimulated, and nurtured. Time Out really is agony, and being alone is probably the last thing any dog wants. So, when you leave for work, they may not take it as calmly as you think. One great solution to this is finding resources in your community that help you and your pet maintain a deep social relationship with each other and other members of the neighborhood.

Are You a Citizen Canine Member?

Citizen Canine is a wonderful Oakland community resource that offers amenities and services to help you be the best partner to you pup you can be. In addition to training services and overnight boarding accommodations, Citizen Canine offers doggy day care in a variety of packages tailored to your budget and schedule. Just as the best programs do, doggy day care offerings at Citizen Canine provide valuable social stimulation and learning opportunities for your pets.

We group pets by size, breed, and temperament in order to encourage positive social bonding experiences and minimize stressors. Our trainers are also inveterate dog lovers, and bring their whole attention to the happiness and safety of the pets in their care. As well, they offer your pets a balanced schedule of rest, play, and learning that will keep them calm and sweet during your time with them—not the excess energy or pent up anxiety of the isolated pet. Not only do we offer the highest staff to pet ratio in the Bay Area, we also provide ample space for play and training in our 6,000 square feet of recreation area.

In addition to doggy day care, we provide training services, balanced nutrition, and a healthy cycle of rest periods, physical affection, and play with other pups. These are especially important for canine emotional and psychological wellbeing—just as with human children. Our website offers informative articles on far ranging topics from food safety issues to signs of canine affection, because we believe that a well-rounded and informed pet parent is the best. By offering your pet a full day while you’re away, we are taking an active part in the psychological, emotional, and physical health of your fur child. Give them ample stimulation and engagement during your work day so that they’re ready to snuggle and spend quality time with you at home.