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Dog Adventure Walks

Do you walk your dog around Alameda? Do you wish you could put more adventure into your walk, for both you and your pooch? Did you know there are adventurous dog walks in Alameda? That is right – there are plenty of opportunities for you to go on a dog walk adventure, when you know how to find the right people. Get with the right people and your dog will have a chance to do what he does best – be a dog and have a ton of fun.

Adventure dog wals in Alameda include time for your dog to get off the leash. This is great news for anyone who has a high energy dog who needs some time and space to run. Most of the time, these organized walks have a hike leader who knows the best and safest places for your dog to just let loose. Play a game of follow the leader through fields and trails, finding the perfect spot to let the dogs go.

These groups of canine-friendly humans come in large or small sizes. If a crowd isn’t your thing, find a smaller group of up to six eligible dogs with their people. Hang back with the humans while your dog gets to know his new pack buddies in a setting that makes you comfortable.

Before you go, however, you will need to make sure your dog is eligible. Different groups have different requirements, however, there are general guidelines. Your dog must be people and other dog friendly. Your dog must be up to date on shots. Your dog must come when called and be spayed or neutered. He must also be over 12 weeks old for most programs.

After your dog has checked out, go on a walking adventure and watch your beloved pet bask in the wild outdoors and the company of other dogs just like him.