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Dog Boarding At Citizen Canine

Everyone has a lot of worries when they’re going on a trip, but for many dog owners the question of what will happen to their pet can be a particularly stressful one. Without his or her family around, a dog can get stressed out, causing it to misbehave. That means a dog left to fend for itself in a house or yard can destroy items, hurt itself, and/or run out of food or water. If the dog is left in the care of a trusted friend, this could have disastrous consequences if the dog destroys furniture or other personal items in the friend’s home.

Because of this, many people choose professional dog boarding in Oakland. Our facility houses each pet individually, giving him or her ample space and no stress from other pets. Each animal has their own individual, air-conditioned apartment with regular access to water, toys, and a sleeping area with comfortable bedding. In addition, all dogs get regular “potty” breaks and at least two outdoor play time every day. During play time, your pet can run and play with other dogs, rest, or go for a swim in the pool.

Each dog receives individual attention from trained handlers, and meals can be scheduled according to their needs. Some of our dogs get individually prepared meals three times a day. Furthermore, all dogs are constantly monitored, and their owners are informed immediately if there are any signs of trouble. If your dog needs extra attention services, there are options to add doggie massage, extra playtime, and even professional training to his or her day.

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, it just doesn’t make sense to risk your dog’s health or happiness. Professional dog boarding in Oakland will keep your best friends happy, healthy, and well taken care of.