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Dog Boarding Over The Holidays

During the holiday season, it is important to know that your best friend is safe while you are away from home. At Citizen Canine, we provide holiday dog boarding in Oakland, California. Our overnight boarding service is sure to be a fun experience for your dog.


Our dog boarding in Oakland is full of unique amenities for your pet. We offer many amenities to our canine visitors that make the boarding experience feel more like a holiday vacation. You can rest knowing that your pet will have the best care possible in our indoor climate controlled rooms, completed with a raised bed. Each private room has walls that are designed to keep noise out. This helps pets destress and relax. Besides providing the most comfortable dog boarding in Oakland for your pet, we also offer a doggy daycare service and a fun hiking service.

Optional Services

At Citizen Canine, we believe that every dog is special and has unique needs. That is why we offer a variety of optional services that you can choose for your pets boarding experience. From gentle, veterinarian recommended massages to extended playtime, you can pick additional services to ensure that your pet has the ultimate vacation. Dog training and agility training classes are also available. Contact us to learn more about these services!

Balanced Schedule

We offer a well-balanced schedule. Your dog will look forward to daily playtimes, exercise, feeding, and relaxation according to a personalized schedule. This type of schedule helps dogs become more at ease while their family is away for the holidays.

Your best friend will love staying at Citizen Canine’s premier boarding facility. Our dedicated overnight staff can respond to emergencies quickly, further ensuring the safety of your pet. While your dog is busy having fun, you can focus on enjoying your holiday knowing that your pet is in great hands.