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Dog Daycare in Oakland

Its well known that dogs are human’s best friend. They are always there to greet, comfort and be there when they are needed the most. So what happens when you can’t always be there for them? Citizen Canine has the answer! As the premier dog daycare in Oakland, Citizen Canine is here to make sure your dog is given the very best care when you’re away. Whether you’re gone for a few hours, overnight, or for an extended period, our qualified and committed staff members know how important it is to give your dog the love and attention they need in your absence.

With the highest staff-to-dog ratio of any dog daycare in Oakland, you can feel confident that your dog will receive personalized attention relating to their specific needs, whether they are high-energy, playful pups or sweet and shy cuddlers. Our daycare program is recommended by veterinarians and behavior specialists and is designed to give your dog mental, physical and social activities while balancing periods of rest.

Your dog’s overnight boarding or extended stay experience will feel more like a vacation at Citizen Canine. Our overnight boarding staff is always on-site for the safety of the dogs and to help ease the minds of concerned owners. As part of their daily routine, the dogs are gathered into small groups and are given plenty of activities among the 6,000 square feet of play yards at the facility that include tunnels, slides and K9 grass. During moments of relaxation, your pampered pooch can indulge in massages, private rooms and poolside lounging.

Sometimes an especially frisky dog needs to exert some pent-up energy. The Adventure Hikes offered by Citizen Canine is the ideal way for a vibrant dog to get some release. On this 90 minute hike, your dog will be taken by vehicle in a secured crate to the East Bay Regional Park where our hike leaders help them experience fresh air and lots of nature. As an added precaution, all of our hike leaders are Pet First Aid and CPR certified. Your dog will come home feeling refreshed and relaxed.

In the moments when you can’t be there for your dog, make sure you leave them in the very best hands with our staff at Citizen Canine. Your best friend will thank you for it.