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Dog Walk Meet-Ups in Alameda

Dogs are inherently social creatures, which is what makes them ideal companions for humans. They are capable of complex responses to social situations and experience a broad range of emotional states, according to recent research using MRI to measure neuronal activity in response to emotional stimuli. Of course, every dog owner is intuitively aware of their companions emotional complexity and need for affection, interaction, and socialization. That is why Citizen Canine’s full range of nurturing, doggie-social services and activities is a perfect fit.  When you can’t spend as much quality time with the four-footed individual in your life, it doesn’t mean that you have to leave them home alone.

A Range of Social Activities

A social pup is a happy one, and when you can’t be there to provide that stimulus, allowing a caring group of individuals to assist you can be a weight off your mind.  By allowing your favorite person in the whole world to freely socialize with other dogs and human beings, you’re actually helping them to be friendlier with others.  While boarding and daycare services are available, the real bonuses are the adventure hikes and the dog walk meet-ups.

What Makes Meet-Ups Great

Don’t you love attending social functions where your best friends are welcome additions?  In the case of dog walk meet-ups in Alameda, they’re the guests of honor.  It’s also a fun social event for humans, and includes a number of pup-friendly adventures around and outside of town.  Explore parks, trails, and pet-friendly sites with a group of like-minded individuals, while you tend to the emotional and physical health of both you and your pet.

If you’re interested in engaging in an active, socially stimulating outing with your best friend, sign up for dog walk meet-ups in Alameda today.  You’ll meet new friends and have a blast.  But most of all, your dog will thank you for it.