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Dog Walks At Citizen Canine

People who own dogs often treat their pups like family members. They love them and pamper them, and they are always on the lookout for new ways in which they can improve their canines’ lives. For people who live in the Oakland area, Citizen Canine is a great way to introduce some excitement into their dogs’ lives. This doggie daycare in Oakland takes care of pooches in some unique ways.

Adventure Hikes

These awesome hikes from Citizen Canine are a hit with dogs. Instead of the typical boring walk on a leash through the neighborhood, the Adventure Hikes from Citizen Canine take pups to East Bay Regional Parks to explore the great outdoors for at least ninety minutes. Adventure Hikes not only provide dogs with great exercise, but they also mentally stimulate them as well. The dogs get to interact with lots of other dogs, which is great for their socialization and overall wellbeing.

Day Care

For pet owners who want their dogs not to be lonely during the day, they can take advantage of this doggie daycare in Oakland. Citizen Canine offers daycare for dogs that separates them into age groups and activity levels. The dogs get plenty of time to play and interact with other dogs, allowing them to have a fulfilling day while their owners are at work. The dogs get their own private rooms to rest in when they are between play times, which helps keep them from being overstimulated.

Dog Boarding

For those looking for a longer stay for their dogs at a doggie daycare in Oakland, Citizen Canine has them covered. They offer full boarding that includes a private room, lots of walks, playtimes with other dogs, three meals a day and experienced handlers who love dogs. This is a great daycare for dogs that does an excellent job of balancing the need for play with the need for rest.