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Doggie Brunch and Other Perks for Bay Area Pet Owners

This past January, a restaurant in San Francisco held a “Doggie Brunch” to celebrate a newly enacted California law allowing dogs in outdoor dining spaces. The new law and this event are only the newest editions to the perks and services available to discerning pet owners in the Bay Area. Also found in the Bay Area is Citizen Canine. Citizen Canine offers multifaceted dog care and dog training services. Are you leaving for a well deserved vacation, but can’t take the pooch? Citizen Canine offers top quality overnight boarding. Do you want something extra for your pet during his or her stay? Supplement your pet’s experience with extra services such as extra love or playtime, T-touch (anxiety relieving therapeutic massage), and dog training (including behavioral and agility).

But what if you just need somewhere for your pet to stay while you’re away at work? Citizen Canine also offers an exceptional Dog Daycare service. Optimized and recommended by veterinarians and behaviorists, Citizen Canine’s daycare service is designed to reduce anxiety while providing a fun, yet relaxing, environment. Boasting an impressive staff to dog ratio, Dog Daycare is able to offer many services that are vital to your pet’s development and well-being. Some of the services included in Dog Daycare include moderate amounts of overall stimulation to keep your dog active, and specialized social groups that take factors such as age and size into consideration for optimal social interaction. Additionally, Dog Daycare is developed with a balance of fun and rest in mind to keep anxiety low but engagement high.

The San Francisco Bay Area is a great place to have pets. New laws are opening up more areas to our four-legged fiends. Also with ample boarding services, like Citizen Canine, you can have a worry free vacation knowing your pet is safe and happy, or get your pet some much needed dog training.