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Doggie Daycare At Citizen Canine

When questioned about doggie daycare in Oakland, if that special member of the family could say something beyond “arf,” he or she would surely reply, “What’s not to like?” The word is out: Citizen Canine, an all-everything doggie hotel near Oakland International Airport, is canine heaven.

First of all, it’s got a staff that just adores dogs, big dogs, small dogs, impatient dogs, and kiss-you-all-over dogs. They even love yappy dogs. In addition, if you have a canine who falls apart when you leave, for an extra $10 a “love session,” a staff member will be your pet’s personal slave. Does Fido or Cindy Lou love to play with a Frisbee? How about just sitting on the couch and getting petted? Whatever the fur person adores, the personal slave will provide it.

In addition to the personal attention, your dog gets the best at doggie daycare in Oakland. Individual doggie rooms have glass Dutch doors to provide the ultimate in spying on your neighbor, blinds for those who are shy, a comfy bed and warm blanket, and all the toys a canine could bark at. Two enticing meals are served daily, and the staff is always aware if one of the guests is not eating as he or she should. Best of all, there is that big outdoor play yard, available four times a day! During two of those times, the doggie guests are grouped according to size and play style.

If you have to leave on pleasure or business, you can know that fur face is probably getting better care than you are. It’s super clean, it’s super friendly, it’s healthy, and it’s safe. A staff member is always there even overnight, and they don’t mind if you call to check on your canine member of the house.

Citizen Canine may be a bit pricey, but you-know-who is surely worth it!