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Dogs: a Wonderful Species

Man’s best friend

Dogs are truly man’s best friend. They’ve evolved side by side with us through history as partners and helpers. If you’re a dog owner, you probably know already that your dog can read your emotion from your face. Science confirms this. In fact, in a recent scientific study, dogs were shown images of human faces with either an angry or happy expression and proved that they were able to distinguish between the two.

In the study, dogs were slower to associate an angry face with a reward. This demonstrates how they’ve learned over the years to expect good things from cheerful humans.

A Dog helping other dogs

An Australian shepard out for a walk with its owner recently sniffed out a plastic bag full of puppies abandoned in a park in the East Bay of the San Francisco area. This good dog sensed something was wrong, and the puppies are now being cared for properly by Contra Costa Animal Services. If it weren’t for the shepard, these innocent puppies would likely be dead.

A home away from home for your dog

We truly have an obligation to care for this species that know us so well. That’s why if you’re a dog owner in the Bay Area, you should board your dog at Citizen Canine. This business was founded by a dog owner who knows how hard it is to have to leave your beloved pet in the care of others, if only for a few days.

That’s why Citizen Canine offers attentive and loving doggie day care, adventure hikes and overnight care for your dog. The animal professionals at Citizen Canine go the extra mile to satisfy the particular needs of each dog in their care, whether that means finding the perfect food for fussy eaters or playing that extra game of catch with super playful dogs.