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Dogs at Dinner? California Law Says Yes

After a day of providing your dog quality dog daycare in Oakland at Citizen Canine, you and your canine companion may wish to dine at one of the high-quality dining establishments in the area. Well, now it’s possible as a result of a recently enacted law in the state of California.

The new canine dining law was signed by Governor Jerry Brown. This legislation allows diners to bring their canine friends to dine with them at restaurants that offer patio dining facilities.

There are some important stipulations in the law. First of all, restaurants allowing dogs to dine with their owners must provide separate entrances for those with dogs and those without dogs. Also, dogs will not be allowed to sit at the table in a chair. Under this new law, restaurants will not be required to allow dogs in their facilities.

The new law in no way applies to service animals. Service animals are allowed in any restaurant in California whether they accompany their owners inside a restaurant or out on a dining patio.

Those who care enough about their dog to want to dine with them at a restaurant, will surely want the very best for their friends when it comes to boarding, dog daycare in Oakland, or canine training. Citizen Canine offers luxury accommodations for pets while owners are away. All dogs are exercised daily and receive personal interaction from caring staff members.

Citizen Canine also offers something very important for those who want to take their dog to a restaurant. That is training. According to the new law, only well-mannered dogs are allowed on restaurant premises. Trainers at Citizen Canine can help assure that your pet respects others and is a joy to take out on many excursions about town.

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