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Dogs Can Eat Popcorn?!

Dogs love treats as much as people do, and they will use the power of their adorable faces to finagle them. Luckily, the experienced dog daycare experts at Citizen Canine understand safe snacking for dogs. One of the common questions about treats involves the safety of popcorn. Because the family dog is often present for movie nights, the question is an important one. The answer is that it depends on how the corn is popped and what is put on it.

Corn that is air popped lacks the heavy cooking oils that are bad for everyone, dogs included. When it is plain, popcorn is low in calories and provides a pleasant crunch. While popcorn has minimal nutritional value for dogs, it also has little that is detrimental to their health. Because of this and its low price, it is a common choice as a training aid. To avoid a potential choking incident, be sure that all kernels are fully popped. It is also a good idea to be certain your dog has no allergy concerns.

Keeping unhealthy toppings away from the popcorn bowl is important in making it a safe option for dogs. Although many ingredients affect dogs differently than they affect people, salt and fat are substances that are as bad for pets as they are for humans. Butter, flavored seasonings and sweeteners should all be avoided when keeping the popcorn a healthy choice. Happily, a light sprinkle of nutritional yeast can give popcorn a surprisingly satisfying flavor.

All animal lovers, even the trained professionals at your favorite dog daycare, are familiar with a pet’s pleading face when a snack is in sight. Knowing which treats are safest is the key to giving in without guilt. As with any choices for treats, popcorn should be given in moderation. Ask one of our knowledgeable Citizen Canine pet care technicians for further guidance about healthy pet snacks and training treats.