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Dogs left in cars: What to do

We here at our dog daycare in Oakland, Citizen Canine, feel very strongly about the issue of dogs being left in cars. Most dogs do love car rides and keeping us company while we run errands, but no dog enjoys being left out in a car. Nothing is worse than coming across a dog locked in a car. But what should you do if that happens?

According to the Humane Society, the first action that should be taken is finding the owner of the car. It may be that they are nearby, picking up something up quickly in a store. Time is critical, however, as temperatures inside the car can soar to upward of 116 degrees when the outside temperature is only 72 degrees. And don’t think a cracked window means any relief as this does little to keep the interior cool. If the owner is nowhere to be found, call the local police. If they don’t arrive in a reasonable amount of time, call again.

While waiting, watch the animal for signs of stress, but do not, under any circumstances, try to break the window to rescue the dog. You can not only injure yourself, but you can incur legal fines for breaking and entering in addition to property damage. On top of this, the action could frighten or harm the dog, causing it to attack or run away. If it looks like the animal is in serious trouble, dial 911 for immediate assistance. They will send help from the fire department and provide medical assistance.

Everyone wants the best for their pets but sometimes accidents happen. Be aware of the cars around you and stay calm should you find a dog locked in a hot car. If you find that you run a lot of errands but don’t want to leave your pet alone, drop them off at a local dog daycare, such as Citizen Canine, in Oakland.