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Dogs Really Do Miss You When You Are Gone! Try Doggie Daycare to Cure Their Blues

Dogs are social animals and they’re also pack animals. Unlike cats, who need a lot of alone time, dogs are happiest when they’re with other dogs or people. This is why most dogs do a happy dance when their people return home from being away. For some dogs being home alone goes beyond just being bored and lonely. Many dogs suffer from real separation anxiety when their favorite person is not around. If you hear your dog barking loudly as you’re walking away from your house, or if your neighbors have ever told you that your dog carries on the whole time you’re gone, your dog may be having separation anxiety.

There is an alternative to leaving your dog home alone when you’re not there. Citizen Canine offers dog daycare in Alameda, as well as overnight boarding. At dog daycare, your dog will be cared for by a staff of trained dog experts (who also happen to love dogs.) Your dog will be socialized with other dogs of similar size and temperament. Playtime and rest are evenly mixed to give your dog hours of fun and socialization.

Overnight boarding is available if you need to leave your dog with us while you’re on vacation. Dogs stay in climate-controlled rooms and have plenty of space for playing with toys or engaging in any of our customized activities. Your dog will never be left alone because an overnight staff is always onsite in case of emergencies.

If you are interested in learning more about overnight boarding or dog daycare in Alameda, visit for information.