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Don’t Forget Your Dog When Setting New Year’s Resolutions

Many of us make New Year’s resolutions to improve the quality of our lives, but our dogs can benefit when we set new intentions for them too. Sometimes we are able to include our companion animals in our commitment to get fit by taking them for a hike or a run, but our busy schedules might not allow for quite as much exercise as they require.

While time spent with your pet is precious, your desire to start the year off right by putting in extra time at the gym might be at odds with Rover’s need to lose a few pounds. Choosing dog daycare at Citizen Canine, with its varied range of physical activities, can be the answer. There is even agility training for the smart, energetic breeds.

At a time when so many of us have incorporated strategies to correct bad habits, your pet can spruce up his or her manners with basic obedience training. In addition, this dog daycare facility offers individualized instruction for the elimination of unwanted behaviors, so while you’re quitting smoking, your pet could be eradicating the canine equivalent.

While contemplating the year ahead, many people take the time to review their lives and try to pinpoint ways to add fulfillment. Dogs are so much easier to satisfy. Through socialization with other animals and the proper ratio of rest to playtime, our pals can experience deep contentment. The more anxious animals might need extra help achieving calm, so be sure to look into massage and T-Touch offerings.

Time spent together is essential, but sometimes a little help is needed when you’re spending long days at work. Enrolling in Citizen Canine dog daycare program, may be the perfect way to make 2015, the best year so far, for both you and your favorite pooch.