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Citizen Canine is the best dog day care in Oakland, California; and we can prove it. Whether just for the day or for a few, we provide a tailored program to meet your dog’s particular needs. In addition to the personalized and loving attention your pet deserves, our staff members know how to play, train and pamper with the best of them. We accept nothing less.

Our day care service implements an alternating play and rest program to ensure a balanced, positive, and relaxing experience for your dog. We have activities for all kinds of personalities, from the most energetic adventurers to the most laid back couch potatoes. Your dog will be socializing with other compatible dogs and make new friends as our staff members stay close. Our 6000 square feet of playing grounds, covered with pet-friendly K9 Grass, provide loads of space and continuous hours of supervised playtime with toys, tunnels, and more. We also do hikes for our more outgoing, adventure-seeking guests! When it comes to feeding time, we take great care to provide healthy and nutritional food for all of our guests while they’re with us, no matter how long that is.

We also provide overnight boarding accommodations. If you’re nervous about your dog staying overnight, don’t be. Your dog will be resting comfortably in one of our private, climate-controlled rooms indoors, on his or her very own raised bed. In addition to the comforts of home, our overnight staff are trained to handle any emergencies that may arise, so you can be certain of your pet’s safety and security every minute.

Our dog day care is conveniently located near Oakland International Airport for those parents who are just about to catch a flight and need their pets to stay safe, loved, and healthy while they’re gone. If you still need more proof, check to see if your dog is eligibile and join us! We’d be happy to show you!