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Events At Citizen Canine

For many dog owners, the idea of sending your pet to a trainer is somewhat intimidating: how can you guarantee that the training will be effective, and that the trainer will be sufficiently gentle for your pet? In light of these problems, our trainers at Citizen Canine have perfected dog friendly, positive reinforcement based training methods. We believe that your dog will learn better if he or she enjoys the training that they are undergoing, and that our methods build a stronger bond between pet and owner without sacrificing efficacy.

Citizen Canine offers two long-term event courses for dogs, as well as a number of smaller-scale and unique individual events. For new dogs, we recommend our Puppy Prep School, in which private trainers teach basic skills and behaviors as decided by the owner, in addition to full day care facilities and play time. Afterwards, consider sending your dog to our Bow-Wow Bootcamp, a 10-12 day complete board and training program in which dogs learn various obedience skills. The Bow-Wow Bootcamp program also provides coaching for owners, and take-home assignments designed to reinforce the relationship between you and your pet. Each of our programs has been shown to produce lasting results in dogs of all age and maturity levels.

As mentioned, we exclusively use positive reinforcement methods in all of our programs, including special rewards customized for your dogs temperament. Exceptionally social and energetic dogs will be rewarded with extra play time, while those of a more laid-back persuasion will be given soothing massages and relaxation therapy. Many dogs are anxious upon their first boarding experience, and will be treated with the patience, love, and care that such feelings should always be greeted with. All of our techniques have received approval from the SF SPCA, Sirius Puppy Training, Bravopup Dog Training, and others.