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Ever Seen a Vizsla? Get to Know This Cute Pup!

Hunter dogs are prized for their loyalty and intelligence, and the Vizsla breed is rising in popularity due to its aristocratic appearance that is paired with a fun-loving personality. Although the Vizsla was originally bred in Hungary for hunting, this breed has begun to take on new roles as family pets, jogging companions and therapy dogs. If you are intrigued by a dog breed that craves human interaction and returns your attention with affection, then here is what you should know about this adorable pup.

Fun Facts
• The Vizsla has the unique distinction of being the National Pointer of Hungary
• This breed’s ancestors date back to the 8th century
• Royal families often gave Vizsla’s as gifts to one another
• Vizsla’s were originally meant to be kept in Hungary, but aristocrats fleeing the country in 1945 began to take them to America and other nations.

Health and Personality
Vizsla’s are boisterous dogs that thrive on human companionship. Their active nature means that they do best when they receive at least 60 minutes of activity a day. For many people, this makes them the ideal dog to take on hunting trips or hikes outdoors. While they are normally well-behaved, these dogs can resort to barking and whining if they are left alone for long periods. To avoid misbehavior caused by separation anxiety, owners who work long hours or travel frequently can utilized dog daycare services to keep their beloved pet stimulated.

Care Guide
The red-haired Vizsla has a short coat that requires only a weekly brushing to stay well-groomed. Depending upon their size, they will usually require three to four cups of dog food at twice-daily meals. Owners of a Vizsla should understand that to maintain optimum health and happiness, exercise should be a key component of every care plan. Dog daycare plans should include periods of activity and a large amount of interaction with caregivers. When home, owners should engage their dogs in two half-hour sessions that include walks, jogs and games of fetch. With plenty of attention, this loving pooch can be a cherished member of any family.