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Exercise For Any Doggie Age

Regardless of how old or young your dog is, he or she will need to get exercise. Exercise is essential for mental and physical well-being. Exercise helps keep the muscles healthy. It can also help your dog maintain a healthy body weight.

The type of exercise that your dog needs is dependent on his or her age. Below is a list of tips for exercising your dog at any age:


Puppies are filled with energy. If puppies do not get enough exercise, then they can be very wild. There are a variety of ways that you can ensure that your puppy can get plenty of exercise. You can provide your puppy with toys. You can also arrange a play date for your puppy. Additionally, you can give your puppy some time to play around in the yard.

Almost Grown

Dogs that are fully grown have almost as much energy as puppies. If you go jogging, then you can take your dog with you when you jog. You can also allow your dog to run around at the dog park. A game of fetch is another way that your dog can get some exercise. Additionally, swimming is a great exercise for a dog that is almost fully grown.

Fully Grown

Older dogs typically do not need as much exercise as younger ones. You can take your dog with you when you go walking, jogging or hiking. You can also get your dog involved in a competitive sport, such as flyball.

Older Dog

Older dogs have less energy and are less active. They may also suffer from health problems, such as arthritis. Nevertheless, exercise is still important for an older dog. You can take your dog walking with you. However, you want to make sure that you walk at a slow pace. If you have a friend with an older dog that is around the same age as your dog, then you can arrange a play date.