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Facts Everyone Should Know About Citizen Canine: Training & Activities

Citizen Canine is a boarding and training facility for dogs that Tina Merrill began operating in October 2000. It was created to fill a need for the boarding and daycare for dogs. Tina formed a staff that consisted of dedicated dog care professionals who specialized in providing superior training and care for dogs.

The staff enthusiastically assists first-time guests with getting settled in. They also assist with preparing unique meals for the picky eaters and ensuring the guests are comfortable in their beds at night. Staff members are certified Pet Care Technicians, and they are also Pet First Aid and CPR certified.

Some dogs need extra nurturing and attention, Citizen Canine offers additional activities to accommodate them. Some of those activities include:

1. Love – ear massages, neck scratches, and belly rubs.
2. Extra Play Time – for the more energetic and socially active dogs.
3. T-Touch Massage – therapy for relieving anxiety and arthritic joints.
4. Training Fun – great mental workouts and quality time with staff.

Citizen Canine provides a service that teaches dogs new skills and better manners while their owners are away for extended periods of time. Their intensive training program aids owners in building a strong working relationship with their pet.

Citizen Canine’s training methods are promoted by the San Francisco Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, BravoPup Dog Training, and Sirius Puppy Training.

The Puppy Prep School is one of two training programs that Citizen Canine offers. Some of the activities that are available in this program include:

1. Flexible, customized training.
2. Private training sessions.
3. Owner-selected behavior and skills training.
4. Instructions for continued success after leaving the facility.

There’s also a Bow Wow Bootcamp available, and it offers:

1. 10-12 day board and train package.
2. Two private training sessions per day.
3. Obedience basics training.
4. Loose leash walking.
5. Private coaching sessions for family members.
6. Reliable recall and more.

Additional follow-up consultations are available upon request. Take a look at the Rates And Policies page for additional information.