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Five Fun and Useful Christmas Gifts for the New Dog Parent

Bringing a dog into the home is exciting, but it can be overwhelming for a person who is new to dog ownership. If you know someone who has a new dog, you might choose from a broad array of gifts to give to the dog and its parent. At Citizen Canine, we offer a variety of services that are designed to benefit dog owners and their beloved canines.

Collars and Bandannas

We don’t allow metal collars at our facility, so a new dog parent might appreciate a designer collar made of nylon. Such collars come in a wide range of colors and styles, from pink and blue stripes to offbeat tribal patterns. You can also choose earth tones, paisley patterns, and wild animal prints.

The canine bandanna is always popular, and bandannas for dogs can be found in almost every hue imaginable. You might even consider a bandanna that resembles a tuxedo shirt with a bow tie. A pooch wearing a bow tie is sure to be noticed and admired while participating in our day care activities.

Bedding, Pajamas and Toys

Any dog that stays overnight at our boarding facility is treated with kindness and respect. The setting affords a level of comfort that all dogs deserve to enjoy. To make an overnight visit even more comfortable, you might give a new dog parent a dog bed made from plush fabric.

Pajamas for dogs are trendier than ever. A pooch might appreciate thermal pajamas for ultimate comfort. Hooded pajamas are both stylish and warm.

A dog is also likely to appreciate its own toys to enjoy while boarding at our facility. A toy shaped like a bagel or a shoe is apt to keep a dog’s attention. Toys that squeak can provide canines with hours of blissful play.

The gift possibilities for dogs and their parents are seemingly endless. The most important gift you can give a new dog owner is the potential for peace of mind. You can accomplish this by telling the dog owners you know about the services we offer at Citizen Canine, which they can explore at