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Friend or Foe? How to Help Your Kids and Dog Get Along

Children are a joy to be around. No one knows this better than a four-legged friend. When youngsters do such things as yank the dogs tail and stuff his ears with cornbread, it can cause the dog to have less than loveable feelings towards your little ones. do not let misunderstandings ruin the special friendship your kids have with their dog. Use these tips to help them get along.

Handle With Care

If your youngsters are always swatting the dog with their plastic bats or hitching a ride on his back, your pet will eventually adopt a distrustful attitude, and play times will become stressful. Teach kids the proper way to handle Fido to keep them from hurting their furry friend. In addition, encourage youngsters not to yell, bang or make other loud noises while the dog is around.

No Hard Feelings

Dogs have times when they just do not what to be bothered with anyone. Instead of running up to the dog and rubbing on him, encourage your kids to approach slowly, pet the animal for a couple of seconds and then stop to see how he reacts. If the dog seems to lavish in the attention, by all means, allow your tykes to hug and ruffle its fur a bit longer.

Back Away From the Food

Dogs get irritated when people bug them while they’re dining. A pooch is more likely to snap at your children’s fingers if they mess with the food bowl while he is eating. Teach your kids to keep their paws off the dog and the food bowl when Fido is enjoying a meal.

In addition to the above tips, supervise every interaction your kids have with their pet. No matter how good your little ones are with their dog, they may inadvertently do things that rub their pooch the wrong way. Doing this can prevent mishaps and allow you to correct your kids when they do things that make their canine companion uncomfortable.