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“Go Orange” in Support of the ASPCA’s Animal Cruelty Prevention Month!

Animal Cruelty Is Rampant
According to the ASPCA an animal is abused every 60 seconds. The Humane Society of the United States reports that most cases of animal abuse go undetected. Animal cruelty takes many forms, from neglecting to provide clean water,food and living quarters, to severe beatings and other physical attacks. Clearly animal abuse is still a serious problem even in modern society. It’s awful to think about, but the results of ignoring animal cruelty are even more devastating; more people need to get involved.

Get Involved and Go Orange!
April is the ASPCA’s Prevention of Cruelty to Animals month. Every year in April the ASPCA urges the public to “go orange” in support of the fight against animal cruelty. There is still some time to get involved. Set aside one day each week to call attention to the problem of cruelty by wearing orange. Or go all out and wear orange every day. Have some information handy to give to people to explain your orange demeanor. You can print materials from the ASPCA website:
If you don’t have anything orange to wear, try using an orange bow, ribbon, banner or sash. Or buy some “go orange” gear from the ASPCA. There are many more ideas for “going orange” on the ASPCA website.

Start Locally
Citizen Canine believes every animal deserves to have kindness, food, water, shelter and necessary medical care. Start with your local shelters and animal control. Contact them to learn what kind of help they need the most. You’d be surprised how easy it can be to help. You can get involved at any level you are able to manage. Whether donating money, food, blankets,even newspapers or volunteering at the shelter, there is much that a person can do to help the animals. Don’t forget that reporting stray or lost animals, suspected neglect and abuse, and lack of shelter cost nothing. Your identity need not be made public.
Go orange and join us here at Citizen Canine in spreading the word and educating the public about cruelty to animals.