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Going On Vacation? 5 Reasons Why A Professionally Run Dog Kennel Is Better Than Hiring A Sitter

When planning a vacation, pet owners must take into consideration what to do with their beloved animals. Depending on the temperament of your dog(s), you may wish to hire a pet sitter, but if they do well with new people and other animals, a professional kennel like Citizen Canine may be the best option for you both.

Offering dog boarding in Oakland, Citizen Canine is a vacation for your pup. There is overnight boarding, for when you need a night out on the town or for a week long get-away. While a sitter will come a couple times a day to walk and feed your pet, a kennel will have staff around the clock so they won?t be lonely.

If you hate to leave puppy alone during the day, daycare is available. Your dog will get lots of attention and be able to socialize with small groups dogs of similar temperament. No more worries of your pet?s boredom at home that could lead to destructive behavior.

Boarding your pet doesnt mean sitting around in cages. Citizen Canine offers 90 minute Adventure Hikes exploring in the hills of East Bay. Customized sessions of extra snuggles, trick learning, intro to agility, and basic obedience are also available. Dog boarding in Oakland?s Citizen Canine will leave your pet happy and thoroughly tuckered out from a day of excitement.

To put your mind at ease, youre able to visit ahead of time with your dog so you can see the facilities and how they interact with your pet. Take that time to ask questions about whether the special needs of your pet can be met.

Unlike with a sitter, there will always be staff available in case of emergency and your pet will be kept on a schedule. If you are looking for dog boarding in Oakland, Citizen Canine is an excellent choice to keep your pet safe, happy and loved.