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Going On Vacation? Check Out Citizen Canine For Your Pup

Professional Care

If you are going on a vacation, then give the family pet one too with professional care at Citizen Canine in Oakland, Calif. Our dog care facility provides the best of both worlds with dog training in Alameda along with a relaxing time socializing with other pets. Pet owners can choose between puppy prep school and bowwow boot camp where dogs learn a variety of skills such as loose leash walking, stay and sit. Your pet will have a great time splashing in a swimming pool, playing ball and lying in the sun. That seems fair because it is probably what you are also doing while on vacation.

Nourishing Food

Choosing overnight pet boarding is often a difficult decision for dog owners as they worry about who is caring for an animal. At Citizen Canine, our employees love dogs and puppies, leading to affectionate care with lots of tummy rubs and positive communication. A great bonus of our doggie day care is also having dog training in Alameda at the same time, instead of a pet spending an entire day in a cage. Staying active is good for your pet, leading to firm body muscles and increased energy levels. In addition to having a fun time with other dogs while learning to socialize, we provide nourishing food.

Additional Activities

For older dogs with arthritic joints or frightened ones away from home for the first time, our team provides soothing massages. Energetic or overweight pets will benefit from additional activities such as learning new tricks to amaze owners. Imagine coming back from your vacation to find a dog that knows how to spin around or take a bow. Dog training in Alameda provides one-on-one sessions with an expert trainer to learn obedience basics, including quiet greetings and fast recalls. Our trainers give owners information concerning reinforcing a dog’s new skills, after returning home.