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Great Floor Resealing Project 2011

As some of you have already seen, we began our 2011 floor resealing project on Jan 5.  The health and safety of all our canine guests is Citizen Canine’s top priority, therefore periodic resealing of our concrete floors is a necessity.  We have made every attempt to make sure that this month-long process will have minimal impact on our normal operations.  Thank you for your understanding and for bearing with us through during this time. If you are interested, you can follow the progress via pictures on our Facebook page.

The most challenging period will be the first couple weeks since our lobby, front desk, office, restrooms, staff room and grooming rooms are essentially out of commission as the floors are stripped and restained & resealed.  We have moved our office and front desk operations into a cozy little dog room.  Our canine guests are still receiving all their normal care (except for baths since our grooming room is not available at the moment – but the dogs are secretly very happy about that!) Once these areas are completed, the rest is much easier to navigate and will have far less impact on our operations.

It is important to note that during the rest of January and the beginning of February, we will not have access to all our rooms for boarding/daycare.  We will be able to house about 75% of our normal capacity. The flooring company has estimated that everything will be complete around the week of February 7 – just in time for our Wags & Wuv benefit event!  Please come have fun, help some animals in need and check out our snazzy new floors!