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Grooming Supplies You Need For Your New Puppy

Welcoming a new puppy into a household can be an adventure. Games of fetch and long walks are easy with an adorable bundle of energy but personal care is a must for puppies to grow into healthy dogs. A variety of basic grooming tools for bathing, brushing and clipping are available to aid in caring for the newest family member.


Dog Shampoos and Conditioners – Look for a protein infused shampoo which will clean the skin but maintain its moisture. Conditioner will keep coats shiny and free of tangles.

Waterless Care Products – Waterless shampoos and wipes are a practical option for spot cleaning and canines wary of water. Most of these products will require rinsing or vigorously toweling off.


Curry Comb – Perfect for breeds with shorter smooth coats, this comb can be used before or after a bath. This grooming tool releases excess hair while massaging the skin.

Slicker Brush – Gentle enough for puppies and used on medium to longhaired breeds, this brush has a rectangular head with small flexible metal pins.

Pin Brush – An ideal grooming tool for longhaired breeds, this brush has longer metal pins with rounded tips to avoid skin irritation and tangles.


Nail Clippers – Clippers come in multiple sizes to match your pet. Choose one that comfortably fits your hand and make sure the opening is wide enough to accommodate the nail.

Nail Files and/or Grinders – A grated nail file can smooth ragged edges after clipping. Grinders can further file nails with less risk of possible bleeding.


Hair Clippers – Rechargeable cordless clippers are convenient as they provide increased mobility. Best results are achieved by washing, drying and combing your pet before clipping.

Blunt-tip Scissors – This simple tool is perfect for use near the face and between the paw pads as it allows more control during cutting.