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Grooming Your Dog

The dog owner can demonstrate love for his or her pet by spending time dog grooming. Dogs of all ages have special needs when it comes to grooming. Puppies need time to get used to the handling required by high-quality grooming. It is important to brush the dog hair of an adult dog many times. Warm baths and gentle brushing soothe older dogs suffering from arthritis pain. Dogs of all ages require a regular grooming regimen.

Puppies are born with a “puppy coat”. The puppy’s hair is shorter and softer than that of an adult dog. The fine hair protects puppies from the weather and keeps them warm in colder outdoor temperatures. The owner should train the puppy to adjust to the sights, sounds and sensations of professional grooming. After the puppy becomes comfortable with handling, a professional groomer will begin with a “puppy cut.” A “puppy cut” refers to clipping all the hair of the puppy’s coat at the same length.

Depending on the breed and coat type, the puppy’s hair will begin to transition to an adult coat in approximately six months. Each adult dog requires different maintenance grooming according to breed, type of coat and how much the owner maintains the dog’s coat at home in between visits to a professional groomer. Frequent brushing of an adult dog’s coat is recommended. Adult dogs should be bathed at least once a week or once a month.

Frequent grooming sessions are required to keep older dogs clean and tidy. Senior dogs have special needs with regard to keeping the “private” area clean and well trimmed. In addition, older dogs require special attention when it comes to caring for the aging dog’s paws and nails. As some older dogs age their fur becomes thinner and a slightly longer hairstyle will help them retain the coat of their younger years.