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Here At Citizen Canine We Create A Vacation Experience For Your Dog Too!

We at Citizen canine know the dilemmas pet parents face when they need to go out of town or go on vacation. They cannot take their dog with them because there are no accommodations for dogs or they fear a car or plane ride will freak the poor animal out. But the prospect of having the dog stay at a kennel without them is equally terrifying. No doubt, they have heard all kinds of horror stories.

But Citizen Canine is different when it comes to dog boarding in Berkeley. We are not your typical kennel where a clients dog is locked up all day long like a prisoner on death row. We pride ourselves in being a hotel for dogs. If a human client is going on vacation to enjoy himself, his dog will enjoy his own vacation at our hotel.

First, our dog guests have their own big, clean rooms that, when you think of it, wouldnt be too bad for a human. We get to know each dog well before he becomes a guest and the dog gets to know us. We talk to the dog parent to find out the dogs specific needs and personality. We make sure the dog gets plenty of exercise of both body and mind supported by excellent food. Someone is always at the hotel, and the dog has plenty of age, size and temperament appropriate friends to play with. Of course, they get plenty of fresh air in our play yards, which are laid with K9Grass. Besides play, there are also walks where the dog can use his or her nose to learn the latest news about the neighborhood and have a potty break.

We are conveniently located close to Oakland International Airport, so our human customer can drop off his dog and both of them can go straight to their vacations. Since we are especially filled up during the summer and the holidays, it is a good idea to book a room a couple of months in advance. For an experience of dog boarding in Berkeley that a dog will remember with pleasure and will give the dog parent peace of mind, give us a call at (510) 562-1750 or e-mail us at