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High-Tech Harnesses for Dogs Meant to Improve Bond With Humans

Known officially as “cyber-enhanced working dog”, a new hi-tech harness has been developed by scientists at North Carolina State University. At first glance, this looks like just about any harness hanging from the display at your favorite pet store. But this is definitely not your typical dog collar.

The harness comes equipped with cameras for seeing, GPS for locating, and a microphone for hearing. Developed for search and rescue, information from this device is transmitted to a human-operated computer which can alert rescuers to an exact location to make a rescue. Since search dogs have a trained and refined sense of smell and are able to access places that people cannot, a dog wearing this harness can facilitate a life-saving rescue in a timely manner.

To complete the two-way communication and provide a well-deserved reward, the harness has a built in doggie treat dispenser.

Variations of this same device can be used for assistance dogs and to help observe certain dog behavior disorders.

Dog Daycare at Citizen Canine

Citizen Canine of Oakland, California, has been frequently recognized by Bay area groups and publications as one of the best dog daycare and overnight kennels in the area. Their highly-trained and qualified dog care professionals fully understand how much you love your pets. And they wish to reassure you that each pet’s safety and welfare will be well maintained while you are apart. The staff-to-animal ratio is the highest in the area.

Each staff member is a Certified Pet Care Technician, a certification through the Pet Care Services Association. This certificate ensures that each member knows all proper procedures and handling techniques.

There are plenty of activities for your dog to enjoy. Whether they are participating in many play opportunities or just relaxing in their climate-controlled rooms, the animals are kept very comfortable. Customers of Citizen Canine, new and old, report that their dogs actually look forward to coming for dog daycare. Professional care and active involvement will eliminate the worry of being separated, for both the dogs and the owners.