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How Can Doggie Daycare At Citizen Canine Help My Pup?

As a loving, concerned dog owner, you want the very best for your dog. The times you share together are special. However, there is likely no way that you can be with your dog 24/7. That’s when Citizen Canine can be of assistance to you. Whether it’s a time of travel or a hectic work schedule that necessitates leaving your dog alone, finding an excellent boarding situation or safe, fun doggie day care can give you peace of mind.

If you live in a condo or apartment with little outdoor space, taking your dog to doggie day care will give it an opportunity to get the exercise it needs. This is especially important if you have a puppy or young dog.

Another benefit of doggie day care in Oakland is the opportunity it gives your dog to socialize. It has the privilege of interacting with numerous caring adults and with dogs whose energy level and personality is compatible with theirs. The staff makes certain that there is a balanced amount of activity and relaxation time for your dog.

Older dogs may require less physical activity than young dogs, but staying home alone day after day can be boring. A weekly visit to doggie day care can provide visual stimulation. We all know how a change of scenery from time to time can lift our spirits. The same may be true for your senior dog. Spending a day relaxing in the sunshine, receiving some extra pampering and meeting new friends can be very beneficial to your senior dog.

If you need to board your dog while you travel, they will be treated like a celebrity at Citizen Canine. The compassionate and conscientious staff will provide a diet and medication routine, if necessary, that matches the routine your dog is familiar with. The facility is staffed 24/7 so your dog will not be left alone.