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How Do I Get My Dog To Listen To Me?

If you are searching for professional dog training in Oakland, you may understand the frustration that comes with a disobedient dog. It is difficult to take a dog in public if you are uncertain that they will listen to you when ordered to sit, stay or otherwise behave around other people. If your dream is a well-trained dog that you can take anywhere in confidence, get ready to kick up your training efforts.


Eliminate Distractions

Start by training your dog in quiet, peaceful surroundings away from other people, animals and vehicle traffic. Once you have your dog’s complete attention, introduce commands in a clear, calm manner. Don’t expect your dog to listen right from the start. With the right commands, you will see improvement with each training session.

The secrets to obedience training are clear commands, consistency and patience. Use rewards such as verbal praise, petting and healthy edible treats to reinforce obedience when it is displayed.


Introduce More Obstacles

Whether you sign up for professional dog training in Oakland or decide to train in a quiet area of your home, you will eventually need to test your dog’s new skills. Start inviting other people or animals to your training sessions. Maintain those clear commands and expect that your dog will perform well, but remember this is still training

Eventually, you can start venturing beyond the isolated training setting to see how your dog performs when surrounded by wildlife, blowing leaves, the noise of vehicle traffic, children at play and various other distractions. Maintain high expectations, but do not get surprised or overwhelmed if your dog is less obedient than seen in the training setting.


Ensure Consistency Away from Home

Your dog must know what to expect even when they are away from home. When leaving your dog in our care, make sure to inform us of the commands and training routines you use with your dog. We are more than happy to reinforce those training standards and maintain your expectations while your dog is in our care. If you are interested in professional dog training in Oakland, give us a call. Our professionals can help your dog master obedience training.