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How Dogs Show Love to Their Human Counterparts

Have you ever wondered if your dog really loves you? Maybe there are some obvious signs of affection, but dogs also express subtle body language cues to let you know how they feel. Read on to find out how dogs show love to their human counterparts.

Tail Wagging

Starting with the most obvious sign of love and happiness is a dog who wags his or her tail. The happiest type of wag is a large sweeping wag, or if the dog has a minute tail, then he or she might wag his or her entire back end.


When you come home, does your dog jump on you? This means that he or she missed you and is happy you’re back. Some owners put their dog through some dog training in order to minimize the jumping because it can present problems, especially in large dogs.


Yes, if a dog leans on you, then that means he or she loves you, is showing you affection, and wants a good scratch or petting in return.

Looking After You When You’re Sick

Dogs are social pack animals, so if one of their family is sick or injured, they want to comfort that person. If your dog stays by your side when you’re sick, rest assured that it is a sign of love.


Most people may not realize that when you are roughhousing with your dog, this is a healthy and natural sign of mutual affection. It also helps to form a bond between dog and owner. However, some amount of dog training may be in order if your dog starts to be too rough, like with biting and scratching.

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