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How Much Exercise Does My Dog Actually Need?

All dogs need exercise. And that means more than just taking a potty walk or being let out to run around the yard for a few minutes. Your pet might be a good candidate for one of Citizen Canine’s dog adventure hikes.

Sufficient balanced exercise is important not only for your doggie’s physical health, but for its mental health as well, as we make note of on our website

In fact, too little exercise not only leads to an out-of-shape and bored dog, but a dog that misbehaves as well. Dogs, especially younger dogs or puppies, have a lot of energy. They don’t do well when they are staring at the same confined space all day. If they aren’t allowed to use that energy in a constructive way, such as taking long walks, running around, chasing balls, exploring or taking group dog adventure hikes, they are sure to use that energy in a destructive way, such as barking excessively, chewing on furniture or shoes or digging holes in the yard.

Although exercise needs vary by a dog’s breed, size and age, most dogs need at least 30 to 60 minutes of exercise per day. Your dog needs to be worn out or at least worn down at the end of the exercise period.

Dogs are inquisitive explorers by nature. So take your dog to different areas to get their exercise in and try different activities, such as dog adventure hikes. If the weather is bad, have some toys on hand to use indoors to play with your dog and give it exercise that way.

If you work, instead of leaving your pet home alone you might consider using our doggie day care. We give your dog plenty of exercise, plus potty walks and it can play in the outdoor play yard. We also offer overnight boarding in luxury private suites.