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How To Clean Your Dog’s Bed

We spend a lot of time trying to keep our homes spic and span. We try even more when there pets to clean up after. A dog’s bed is his castle. Sometimes the dog bed is often coated with mud, slobber, and hair. It can also smell like a pile of trash that your dog was probably rubbing himself in at the dog park. Dogs beds come in all sizes and shapes. Some are covered with a slip cover. Other dog beds are piled high with blankets. Here are some instructions on how to clean dog beds:

* If you have a foam dog bed, put a slip cover over it. If you have slip cover on the dog bed, unzip the cover. Take it outside and shake out as much dust and hair as possible. Use a lint roller if there is any hair left on it.

* Soak the cover in the bathtub or sink. Use very hot water for 10 to 15 minutes before putting it in the washing machine. This kills any insect eggs that could have potentially been lurking. Wring the water out. Put the cover into the washing machine on the heavy duty setting.

* You need to thoroughly vacuum the foam bed. This will obtain any hair or dust that may be hidden in foam bed.

* Fill your bathtub. Use mild detergent and hot water. Do not use the same water you used for the slip cover. Use your hands to work the soap in the foam once the water is warm enough to put your hands in. Place something heavy on it to hold it down while it soaks.

* Drain the soapy water. Refill the tub with fresh water. Squeeze the foam bed to get the soap out. Keep doing this until the suds are gone.

* Lay the cover and the bed in a sunny spot. Do not put them in the dryer. This can shrink the cover.

* Put the slip cover back on the foam bed.