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How To Have A Great Hanukkah With Your Dog

Hanukkah is a celebration that requires much compassion and respect, involving your dog in family merriment. Dogs are members of the family in a Jewish household and often get pushed aside during the hustle and bustle of a holiday. There are options like a friend or dog daycare during this busy time so that your pet does not feel neglected or subjected to dangers associated with the “Festival of the Lights.”

Hanukkah is a sacred observance that is shared with family and close friends, celebrated for eight days after sunset. The holiday is similar to Christmas with related elements like lots of food, decorations and giving gifts.
If your pet is there during the traditions of the foods, festivities and decor including the menorah lighting of the candles, you can have a great Hanukkah with your dog by following a few simple safety tips.

Be cautious when it comes to the menorah and lighting of the candles. Either ensure your pet is confined in a safe environment with its favored toys, staying with a neighbor or at a dog daycare so that there are no accidents eminent that could present a fire. Another precaution is to place the menorah securely, well out of reach so your dog can be safe and enjoy the family and friends gathering away from the dangers of the fire.

Monitor foods shared during the festivities since many of the favorites to humans can be detrimental to dogs. Avoiding feeding your pet such items as deep-friend potato pancakes and doughnuts like the sufganiyot, latke, and other foods that contains onions and garlic.

A favored game is with the dreidel that often attracts the attentions of any curious pup. There are small components involved with this game and many dogs have been known to ingest those pieces, needing serious medical attention. Additionally, some of the rewards with a game of dreidel includes foiled chocolate coins and raisins, both toxic to the unsuspecting dog.

You can involve your dog in all the festivities, starting with placing a yarmulke securely on its head and taking all necessary protective measures. In the same respect as fire safety, monitoring foods and toys, take precautions in decorating the home as well so everything is placed securely out of reach. Having a great Hanukkah with your dog is all about thought and preparation for fun and safety of all.