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How To Have Fun With Your Dog In San Francisco

Living in a big city like San Francisco means there are many interesting activities to take advantage of and tons of places to explore. However, do not keep your dog cooped up in the house while you have fun. Citizen Canine has plenty of thrilling ideas when dog-sitting for you or for when you want to spend some quality time with your pet.

Taking your dog for a trip is not a hassle when you go somewhere specially designed for dogs. Your pup will fit right in at the Eureka Valley Recreation Center Dog Park. This is an opportunity for your dog to socialize leash free, and the area is fenced in so your pet will not stray.

The Castro Street Fair is appealing to both dogs and their human companions. Dogs will enjoy walking, and you can browse and shop through many booths at this farmer’s market.

When you are at work or playing, your dog can have a great experience instead of moping in the house missing you. Citizen Canine offers the best dog walkers in San Francisco. These trained and experienced dog walkers take dogs on hikes through the East Bay Regional Parks. Your pooch will get to frolic in grassy areas, trot over trails and discover many different scents. No two hikes are identical, and dogs get to experience stimulation by traveling with other dogs and investigating new areas.

You and your pet can have your own adventures on the weekend at the Kite Hill dog park. There are miles of open space for your dog to run through off the leash, and you will appreciate the beautiful views of the city.

Whether venturing outside with your pet or using dog walkers in San Francisco, they are plenty of ways to keep your pooch active and happy. Let Citizen Canine help you make sure your dog’s tail is always wagging.