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Hyper Dog? Here Are 3 Ways To Help Them Calm Down

Mans best friend is a great addition to any home, but for some, they often experience having a hyper dog that is difficult to control. Fortunately, there are several ways to help a dog become more calm on a consistent basis by practicing a few habits.

1. Provide Daily Exercise

One of the most common reasons that both puppies and large dogs have a lot of energy is due to a lack of exercise. Many dog owners do not understand the importance of walking their dog throughout the week to relieve their pet of their high energy levels. Try taking your dog on a walk throughout the neighborhood for an average of 20 minutes, along with playing a game of fetch in the backyard at least once a day.

Dogs can also attend adventure hikes at dog daycare in Oakland with other dogs for fun days exploring the great outdoors off of their leashes.

2. Keep Them Busy While you are Away

Dogs can often become overly hyper when spending all day alone while you are off at work. Take them to dog daycare in Oakland to provide stimulation throughout the day instead of leaving them to get bored. They’ll be able to interact with other dogs for balanced days that will combine ample times of both rest and playtime.

3. Create a Calm Environment

Domestic animals are bound to model the environment that they are placed in, making it important to reduce the chaos or activity in the home. Make eye contact with the dog to effectively communicate that it is time to calm down, as well as pet them gently around their eyes and head to provide a soothing way of interacting without so much energy.

Similarly, many pet owners use aromatherapy for scents that naturally calm their dog by spraying it on bandanas, collars, or even dog beds that are used by the pet.