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Important Summer Safety Tips for Your Pup

With summer just around the corner, it is time to start thinking about how to keep your pup safe during the warmer weather. The summer months are a special time for dog-lovers because the beautiful weather means more opportunities for spending time with their favorite pup. This year, be sure to follow these simple tips to keep your pup in the best of health all summer long.

Avoid Lawn Chemicals
During the spring and summer months, many people add fertilizers and pesticides to their lawn. Unfortunately, many of these products are made from chemicals that can be toxic to your dog. At home, avoid using these chemicals in areas where your dog plays. If your yard or home must be treated, consider sending your dog to overnight boarding at a dog daycare in Alameda until your lawn is safe.

Plan Outdoor Exercise
After being restricted during the cold winter months, your pup is sure to be ready to release their energy at the first sign of a sunny day. To keep your pup active, plan fun outdoor activities such as an adventure hike. During these hikes offered at a dog daycare in Alameda, you and your pup can enjoy a scenic hike while also receiving plenty of exercise. Just remember to take plenty of water to keep your pup hydrated and you will have a trip to remember.

Consider Dog Training
For many dog owners, a major concern regarding their dogs safety is making sure that they are trained to obey commands when traveling. If you plan to travel with your pup this summer, then make sure to enroll in a training class that can teach your dog to listen whether they are at home or in public. For very long trips, you may also consider dog daycare in Alameda where your dog can be safe while enjoying playtime until you return home.