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Is Your Dog Bored At Home? Try An Adventure Hike With Citizen Canine

With people being away from home for longer and longer stretches as they pursue new heights in their careers, dogs are getting left alone and bored more and more often. Kids going back to school after the dog days of summer can leave Rover heartbroken, bored, restless and anxious about what his new purpose is. No amount of toys can replace the company of other dogs and people. Additionally, just because he is able to hold his bladder for 8 hours or more does not mean that he should. Urine and fecal retention is not good for anybody, human or dog. It places wear and and tear on the kidneys, requires your dog to be uncomfortable for hours at a time and stagnates his chi. No wonder canine anxiety and problem behaviors are at an all time high in our pet population.

Consider enrolling your dog in a midday adventure hike with Citizen Canine. Your dogs will have the time of their lives while you are working or vacationing, relieving you of the responsibility of walking them or exercising them when you return home. Our dog hikers are fit and knowledgeable outdoor enthusiasts trained in pack management, positive reinforcement training and wilderness safety for dogs. They are certified in canine CPR and first aid. Our team sees each dog as an individual with unique quirks, nuances and needs. We pride ourselves in being intuitively connected to each of our charges the entire time they are in our care. We use only the best equipment for transporting your pups safely to and from the trail head.

Adventure hikes are superior to urban leash walking because when and where it is appropriate, qualified dogs are allowed off leash time, play time and swimming when weather permits. Dogs crave the natural environment, and a long hike is just what they need to ground themselves and live the fullest life.