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Is Your Dog Fearful? Check Out These 5 Tips To Help Them Open Up

Dogs can be fearful of many things. As a caring owning, you want to find ways to calm your dogs fear or eliminate them completely. There are various techniques that can help you do that.

Safe Haven

You should always provide a safe haven for your dog. This could be an open crate or a bed placed in a specific area of your home. Until you have resolved the issues with fear, your dog needs a place to retreat to whenever it feels scared.

Buddy System

If you have another dog, it can become a leader and a guardian that helps your fearful dog gain confidence. If you only have the one dog, you could pair up with dog walkers in Oakland and take your dog out with others to give it an extra sense of security.


If it is noises around the house or outdoors that frighten your dog, you can help them overcome those fears by slowly and cautiously exposing them to whatever frightens them. Stay by their side when doing this. Pet them to soothe their fear as you encourage them to remain in close proximity to the TV, washing machine, vacuum cleaner or whatever it is that frightens them. You can use treats to reward them for being brave.

Stress relief

Just as with humans, exercise can be a form of stress relief for your dog. Doggie Daycare provides an excellent place for your dog to play, interact with other people and socialize with other dogs. Your dog may lose its fearful or timid demeanor when it has other dogs to play with.


Dog walkers in Oakland can take your dog for leisurely walks to relieve anxiety. Visits to a dog park offers them an opportunity to mingle with people and their pets while they have someone they feel safe with right by their side.