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Is Your Dog Ready To Go Off The Leash? Our Adventure Dog Hikes Might Be The Perfect Situation For Practice!

Preparing their dog to walk in public without a leash is a primary goal for pet owners who enjoy spending time outdoors with their cherished pet. However, it is always essential to make sure that your pet is completely trained before letting them loose. Here, are a few ways to ensure that our dog is ready to go off the leash while still maintaining their best behavior.

Knows Their Name
One of the main signs that our dog walkers look for in dogs is that they will respond to their name. Once your dog comes when called, you will know that they will also respond to your call if they should begin to wander too far away. Recognizing their name also signals that a dog is mature and has a strong relationship with their owner that signifies loyalty.

Responds to Commands
Before a dog goes off the leash, they should know how to respond to some basic commands. For example, our dog walkers train dogs to heel immediately when the command is given. This simple command is one of the best ways to keep your dog safe on hikes outdoors or in public spaces. In addition to heeling, your dog should be able to sit, lie and do any other actions that are necessary while off the leash when given the correct command.

Friendly with Children and Other Animals
In addition to recognizing their name and responding to commands, your dog should also be comfortable with children and other animals. To socialize your pet, begin by having friends or family members spend time in the vicinity of your dog when it is not on a leash. As your dog begins to handle strangers better, then consider an adventure hike where your dog can spend time with other dogs that are trained to maintain their best behavior in the company of other animals. Once your dog has mastered this essential skill, you can be sure that it will be ready to enjoy some freedom while off the leash.