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Keeping Your Pet Safe

Someone has been trying to poison dogs in the Bay Area. After several incidents during the past year, more questionable meatballs have been found. Researchers at US Davis are testing the meatballs found recently at a Santa Rosa dog park to see if they contain any poisonous substances.

Unfortunately, during the summer of 2013, a dachshund was killed and another dog made severely ill due to strychnine-laced meatballs around Twin Peaks. In February of this year, 35 laced meatballs were found in another Twin Peaks neighborhood more were found in May. Police are actively searching for whoever is trying to hurt our companions.

These occurrences worry every dog owner. We worry about our dogs picking something up when we are at a park; taking a walk; or even finding something in our homes that could injure them. When we leave our dogs at home alone during the day, our concerns sometimes run rampant and we open our home’s door expecting the worst.

Dog daycare in San Francisco can help ease your worries. Putting your dog in the care of Citizen Canine while you are at work; away for a quick business trip; or gone for a longer vacation, can help you enjoy your time away from home without worrying about your faithful friend.

We offer 24 hour a day supervision of your pet while they enjoy their private, climate controlled rooms. Our staff has been certified in Pet Care as well as full trained and certified in Pet CPR and First Aid. Because we understand what it is like to care about the furry family member, we offer dedicated services to your dog. We give all of our guests hours of play time, fun and affection in safe environment. We know you have many options for dog daycare in San Francisco, thank you for considering us.