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Kong Recalls Aussie Sticks Over Mold Concerns

Parents of four-legged pets know that they need to buy the best products from the best companies to reduce their concerns and worries. Just as they would research different facilities when choosing dog daycare in Oakland, they also research different pet toys and products. Many doggie parents might feel surprised when they learn that Kong, one of the top pet supply manufacturers, recently announced a recall on one of its top products.

The Kong Aussie Sticks are rawhide chew toys that were available through PetSmart and other pet stores. Those who purchased the rawhide chews in the past can easily check the packaging to determine if it was one of the affected batches. Kong recalled the chews because of mold found on batches with an expiration date of January 30 or January 31 of 2016. Pet owners can either contact Kong directly or contact PetSmart for a full refund.

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