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Looking To Adopt A Dog? The Oakland A’s Adoption Day At The Park Is The Perfect Place!

Oakland A’s Annual Dog Day at the Park is a great place to adopt a dog – you could easily find your next best friend here! This annual event, usually scheduled during the month of July, presents potential dog owners with numerous meetings with dogs who need a home. For additional information, visit

If you are looking for someplace for dog boarding in Oakland? Then you definitely need to check out Citizen Canine! Their expert care and almost intuitive understanding of your best friend’s needs, is second to none.

For those dog owners who, for either business or pleasure, find themselves traveling, this can be a time of anxiety and concern for both you and your best friend. You’ll want to find a reliable, responsible, and caring party to watch over your dog – not only for his sake, but for your own peace of mind as well. Most owners will tell you that their dog can be a part of their soul; you’ll want to be reassured that he is taken care of.

The first difference that makes Citizen Canine the most preferred facility for dog boarding in Alameda is the credentials of each of their team members. Opened in 2000, their mission is to fulfill the need for a top notch boarding and dog day care facility, dedicated to the health and wellbeing of canines. This means that only the most qualified applicants, carefully screened and regularly evaluated, are employed to work here. Committed to improving their canine related skills through continued education and training, their staff members are widely regarded as the best within the Alameda area.

Additionally, the facility’s staff members, so passionate about their love and care for dogs, post articles on their website ( providing current, helpful articles to help owners recognize and understand the sometimes mysterious behaviors of the canine. Even those who do not reside within the Alameda community will find themselves returning to the site for updates and insights.

One of the best features of Citizen Canine is their thorough appreciation o0f the dogs’ needs for physical activity. Keeping with this, they offer adventure hikes and agility training. Each caring staff member is familiar with the intricacies of canine health care, thus guaranteeing the very best safeguards against physical injury for your best friend. For overnight dog boarding in Alameda, they provide a complete agenda for engaging activities and physical exercise.

The Oakland Tribune has been quoted as saying, “The Cadillac of kennels lives up to its billing as “a luxury hotel for dogs.” The San Francisco Chronicle stated, “”Citizen Canine is the Bay Area’s first five-star kennel for the precious pets of devoted Bay Area pet owners on the go.” For the best for dog boarding in Oakland,look no further than Citizen Canine.